These 6 inch diameter solid bronze markers are similar to our standard line of grave markers that designate wars. The service markers however designate the different branches of service. They are intended to be mounted on our standard brass, aluminum or steel grave marker rods and also will hold one stick flag with a staff of up to 3/8 inch diameter. If ordered with an S suffix the markers will have flat backs and have two holes drilled and tapped for mounting on walls, stones or plaques.
























  FBS offers cast solid bronze service emblems in two styles. Our solid bronze 3-D emblems are cast 15 inches in diameter. All show the official armed forces seal in great detail. Your choice of brown or black background. Mounting is facilitated by four blind drilled and tapped holes. Mounting studs included. Choose emblems for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard , National Guard, Merchant Marine, and even an emblem for Iwo Jima. If the 15 inch 3-D emblems do not meet your requirement, we have 2-D emblems available from 3 inches in diameter to 36 inches plus in diameter. The emblems are available in either brown or black background colors. Two thru four blind mount holes are standard depending on the size ordered. Available choices are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, National Guard and POW-MIA.  












Mausoleums, crypts, column bariums and flush mounted grave stones have always presented a problem when it came time to mark the site for a veterans service to his country. Our 3 inch diameter solid bronze medallions fill this void. These come pre-packaged with an easy to use fast settings two phase industrial strength glue. This glue enables the medallion to be mounted on metal, granite or marble. For applications where this mounting is not appropriate, the medallions are available with a flat back and one drilled and tapped blind hole.







Honor those who have served our country with our beautiful commemorative war markers. The markers measure approximately 6 inches in diameter and are cast from either solid bronze or aluminum. All markers are available in 4 distinctive finishes - solid bronze, aluminum with bronze finish, aluminum with black highlights and aluminum with pewter finish. The pictures below show our line of bronze markers. To view other finishes and see a larger image of each marker, click on the picture of the desired marker.